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Our professional management team has over 20 years’ industry experience and together with our team of highly skilled and experienced operatives ensure lifting and handling operations are completed safely and effectively.

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    Tayyab Nisar

    Head of Transport

    Tayyab Nisar is responsible for driving growth for Tomini Transport, with a focus on developing the company’s project and client bases.  He joined Tomini Group in 2014, as Business Development Manager where he nurtured key relationships and partnerships that led to significant revenue growth.  He became Head of Transport in 2019.   He holds a Bachelors in Management from Troy University, UAE.

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    Muhammad Zeeshan Khan

    Business Development Manager

    Muhammad Zeeshan joined Tomini in 2014.  He manages and supports Tomini Transport’s team of operators, ensuring client project deliverables and health and safety standards are met. He works to constantly improve quality, productivity, and efficiency.